Sunday, April 15, 2018

LEA28 - Untitled, installation by Storm Septimus is now open

Untitled at LEA28

Storm Septimus has this to say about the installation:

Untitled is a dark, extraordinary, and powerfully immersive environment open to everyone to explore. As a destination it reflects the darker corners of the mind, with deep provocative imagery throughout. This installation is emotionally and visually hard hitting. There is an extensive note card available at the landing point to help visitors gain a thorough understanding of the build. 

This installation is not the most performance friendly work either. Its a very complex layered build which has issues in some places with loss of frame rates and/or not fully loaded pieces. This ranges wildly between users as of course some people's machines are higher end than others.And some people have no issues at all, whereas others find it absolute torture.  But I wanted to add this note because I am aware of the issues and its worth mentioning that if someone is expecting a smooth experience they are probably in for a shock.  

 Also worth mentioning that the build has an area dedicated to the work of Virtual Ability. They were kind enough to give me a bundle of info about the support they offer in second life to its disabled users. Which is something I would very much like to highlight as it could help someone greatly.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

LEA13 "Emphatic Eccentricia" by Veleda Lorakeet Opens 4/1/18

      Emphatic Eccentricia was founded to give virtual and mental space for people to develop their creative skills.

At our LEA13 presence we have OhMy Shalala's wonderful atmospheric land of fairytales, A throw back to pre Gutenberg times with Vian Magic's Chained Library, and the surreal and violent calm of Veleda Lorakeets Cubimatrix 147. And that is not all in this maelstrom of creativity!

You are invited to explore , create and enjoy this amazing Installation


Friday, March 23, 2018

LEA22-Lampithaler opens the Fairyland of Cloudshead Worldheart

 Lampithaler will be opening LEA22 on Sunday, March 25th from 12.00 PM SLT, and says,
"Welcome to the fairy tale world of "Cloudhead Worldheart" on LEA 22 in Second Life
A magical world then opens its gates for a magical little adventure.
If you like, jump out of everyday life into the dreams, wishes, experiences and wonders of
Cloudhead Worldheart and enjoy your visit."
Music will be provided from 12 p.m. by by DJ Cayoun and at 2 p.m. will be Jim Cook.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

LEA6-updates on the MOSP ( Machinima Open Studio Project ) by Chic Aeon

 Find the gateways at the main MOSP backstage lot info building:

Two new full but "in progress" areas are now open to the public. While not nearly complete, there are open skies and buildings to explore.  Above is "Off the Grid" where power is self generated or done without.

The second full sim offers quiet and contemplative spaces in a serene locale -- or a backdrop for some rock climbing; take your pick.

An updated version of Deep Blue Fantasy is back, just in time for Fantasy Faire blogging and vlogging and perhaps a machinima featuring flights of imagination. This is a 64 meter blue sky pod installation.

Another pod aptly named "A Country Summer's Day" features flowers, gardening, picnics and a flowing stream.
 Go forth and film!


Come party with us!


☆    Samstag/Saturday, 24.03.2018 ☆ ♪
☆    21.00 Uhr / 1 AM SLT ☆ ♪♪
☆     ♪
Music by JAMAL ☆ ♪


Lichtbringer at Ground Zero / LEA4

Please take note of the following guidelines to see a perfect show:

LiveShow Grafics-Settings Checklist:

(this setting guide is for firestorm, if U use another viewer the described settings maybe found in other places@preferences)

Menu Avatar->Preferences->Graphics->General
Overall-Settings -> Ultra
- Draw distance -> ~270m
- Max. particle count -> 4096 (more then 4096 may not work fine)
- Maximum complexity -> No Limit (IMPORTANT)
- Advanced Lightning Model -> checked (IMPORTANT)
- Point Lightning -> Full (IMPORTANT)

Menu Avatar->Preferences->Graphics->Rendering
- Render Glow Strength 2
- Enable Attached Lights (IMPORTANT)
- Render Attached Particles (IMPORTANT)

Menu Avatar->Preferences->Move&View->
-. View->View angle set to ~0.75

For best sight:
Sit on a spectator-seat, hit ESC two times to change to LiveShowCam

If you have lag-problems please derender other avatars (don't reduce graphic settings)

have fun :))
your Lichtbringer Team

Friday, March 16, 2018

LEA24 ~ Eidola ~ by Livio Korobase has opened

Pythagoras ( believed that we could see because the eye emits rays of light,  and that these rays gave the viewer information about colour and shape.

By contrast, Democritus ( believed that every object emits numerous replicas of itself., called eidola (singular: eidolon). He believed these eidola entered the eyes of anyone looking at an object, allowing them to see it..

Leonardo da Vinci ( was equally fascinated by vision. Although his ideas changed over time, he broadly believed in an infinite rain of rays coming from every direction, which were translated by the eye - a simple structure of two concentric spheres - so that we could perceive and understand shape and colours in the things around us.

However, it was Johannes Kepler ( who, in 1604, offered the first theory of the retinal image as we now understand it.
Meanwhile, Gestaltism ( attempts to explain that perception goes beyond the sensory elements, and the brain does more than just assemble the pieces.

My work is an attempt to put a little 'order among these many different ideas' to try to understand if all this information is valid even in a virtual world. I do not have the answer, maybe someone finds it.

The installation is inspired by Ruggero Pierantoni's book, "L'Occhio e l'idea" (Boringhieri 1981). Like the book, it is organised into five chapters, each one taking its title from the index of the book.

To fully experience this installation, visitors should have a basic understanding of how to use the viewer's camera (e.g. ALT-left mouse button to rotate the camera), and should follow the path. For those who might be short of time, teleports are available, connecting the chapters. 

Enjoy your visit!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

LEA29 - Gem Preiz presents DEMIURGE, opening March 15th at 2pm SLT


This exhibition follows  SAPIENS, presented in January 2018, and which will remain open until the end of June, 2018

SAPIENS ended on the vision of the Man understanding his universe and learning to dominate it.

In DEMIURGE, the Man becomes creative and shapes his environment, for the good or for the evil.

The installation consists in 3 parts, each one built on a sim-wide space, evoking the past, the present, and the future. 

- The "Past", made in the mood of the " dream of the architect ", accumulates in a unique vision the inheritance of many periods and regions. Human vestiges show here and there how high was the price paid for these glorious testimonies of the History. Certain monuments host fractals which the visitor will discover in the course of the exploration. The biggest exhibition hall contains also a teleport spot leading to the following place.

- Between an idealized Past and the promise of radiant and asepticized Future, the "Present" displays a symbolic vision of the current life conditions of more than 50% of mankind, obtained at the cost of the depletion of natural resources and the endangerment of our common planet. The exhibition hall shelters two series of fractals (the one resuming the theme of wild urbanization, the other one evoking the seek for progress, modernity and the conquest of new spaces) as well as the teleport spot towards the last place.

- using pure lines and vertiginous skyscrapers, the "Future" finally gives a stylised representation of a connected futuristic world already announced by all westernized big cities skylines and business downtowns. Under the exhibition geode, visitors will meet with what could be the future of the Man, ultimate stage of his development or price to pay for this aseptized future, everyone will judge about it. In the same place, a teleport spot will bring visitors back to the welcome hall.


Overall, the installation contains 32 high-resolution fractals, each one made of several plates carefully stuck together. Some of them have already been displayed on Secondlife, in various other exhibitions. I intentionally re-used them, in a sepia-colored version, as being part of my own past.

 How to visit

Comply with the settings recommendations for a better visit :

- graphics « High » or even « Ultra »  if possible

- Windlight : from the opening of "Demiurge" until end of June, default windlight mode is positioned on "Realistic 6 pm", which I recommend as one of the best windlight for the ground environment. However, I recommend changing the windlight according to the information given in local chat when arriving on the other places "Past", "Present" and "Future". But as other windlights give interesting results, I invite you to test some by yourselves.

- Particles Maximum

- Draw distance: minimum 500, maximum 700. to be set depending on the neighbouring sims builds.

Use double click to reposition yourself is so you wish


Turn your stream on for the music, composed of the following pieces :
- Provenance (Trevor de Maere)
- Interval (Ninja Tracks)
- Splinter (Ninja Tracks)
- Conduit (Ninja Tracks)
- In the end (Marcus Wagner)

Enjoy your visit


Monday, March 12, 2018

LEA2~ "Terra Merhyem's REBIRTH"

 Sunday March 18th at 2.30 PM SLT

Friend, I invite YOU to the Opening of my new art installation in LEA2:

"Terra Merhyem's REBIRTH"

Music : Morlita Quan

My Friend, please come and share this event with Morlita, Rage ♥ and I : we will be happy and honored by your presence... ♥ :* :)

Amie, Ami, dimanche 18 mars à 22.30 h (heure française), je t'invite au vernissage de ma nouvelle installation artistique (LEA2) :

" La RENAISSANCE de TerraMerhyem"


J'espère que tu viendras partager ce moment avec moi, Rage et Morlita : nous en serons heureux et aussi honorés par ta présence... ♥ :* :)

NB : 2.30 PM SLT is :
* - Argentina : 16.30 h
* - Brasil : 17.30 h
* - France, Deutschland, Espana, Italia : 22.30 h
* - GB, Portugal : 21.30 h


Friday, January 19, 2018

LEA6- Machinima Open Studio Project (MOSP) reopens this weekend!

The Machinima Open Studio Project reopens this weekend on LEA6. The all new build offers full sim level environments for ease of shooting and continuity. There is flow. There are surprises -- and plenty of details. Builds have been optimized for LOD2 to ease the drain on computer systems and let those with mid-level machines still turn on shadows or depth of field when needed.

The ground level features an enhanced version of Terradale (created for the recent A Steamy Mystery at Terradale). Obvious steampunk references have disappeared and many new buildings have been added. Structures are clustered for better filming and photography and "clutter" has been added to private areas for a more realistic feel.

The night city is a full back lot build with individual sound stages dressed for a variety of productions. A public classroom and meeting room is also available for use. A new mesh subway, high rise apartments with art areas below, construction site, brownstones, storage units, data center and photography stage make up the remainder of the area. And of course there is a food court.   MOSP is always under construction and clever observers will spot places artfully dressed for more to come in phase two.

The Machinima Open Studio Project grounds are open to all -- filmmakers, students, photographers and explorers. Both personal and commercial filming and photography is allowed and encouraged. The sim is rated moderate. Try the custom made Windlight for an atmospheric effect, but of course use what works best for your artistic endeavors.

While the infrastructure and many of the furnishings and props have been made by the curator, Chic Aeon; the work of other content creators is also featured. Artist buildings are noted with name plaques; gacha collections with buildings have markers. If in doubt, right click and inspect to note who to thank for bringing this sim to life.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

LEA29 -- Gem Preiz presents Sapiens, opening Wed January 10th at 1pmSLT

"Sapiens" is an installation which is not conceived to be visited but to get visitors lost.

It indeed explores the mythological theme of the labyrinth from which one cannot escape and which shelters unspeakable secrets. It takes here the shape of a network of inhospitable and uniform galleries textured with fractals, to which the verticality adds a crushing dimension.

Limited universe, locked like a prison;
Maze of interconnected passages similar to a brain where the thoughts turn in a loop without any solution;
Structure with inhuman size where the visitors face indecision, loss of marks, solitude;
Twofold architecture, the only alternative of which is a second entangled labyrinth of empty spaces jammed with the vain traffic of a hectic anonymous fleet;
this metaphoric build has nevertheless an exit, which the visitor is invited to look for and which will explain its title.


Overall, the installation contains 40 high-resolution fractal frames, each one made of 18 plates carefully joined. They approach 4 themes which mirror the characteristics of the hosting build, and try to emphasize them :

- technology
- maze
- darkness
- confinement

Spread here and there in the tunnels, they will be met all along the exploration. Some of them might be seen several times, others might never be found. But at the very end of the visit, a complete catalog would enable visitors to watch the missed ones.

Information is given in the welcome hall for settings, how to visit and about the music.

Enjoy the visit until the end.